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Adrian Rivadeneira

Marketing expert, with 15 years of recognized experience managing this area at a corporate level

in leading companies in the automotive and food sectors. Specialist in the design of business strategies, tactical executions and “go to market” processes. He has led several corporate projects in the

areas of digital transformation, opening of business lines and incorporation of CRM tools

His story

Adrián is a senior executive with extensive experience in leading Marketing areas at the corporate level in the automotive, food, strategic consulting, technology and entertainment industries. His main focus has been the design of business strategies, using competitive analysis, market research and a comprehensive marketing perspective, ranging from digital to traditional.

He has had the privilege of working with renowned international brands such as Mazda, Fiat, Jeep and Chery, where he has excelled in the development of after-sales strategies and excellence in customer experience. His customer orientation and focus on meeting objectives have allowed him to lead high-impact corporate projects.

At an international level, he has had the opportunity to lead business intelligence projects in countries such as Argentina and Mexico, and for the markets of Europe and North America. His academic training includes a degree in Commercial Engineering, supported by various postgraduate degrees, such as an MBA with a focus on Strategic Marketing, Management and Leadership, Business Intelligence, Trade Marketing and Digital Business.

His passion for innovation and business success has led him to work in a variety of industries and geographies, giving him the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills to help other companies achieve their business strategy goals.


I am always looking for new opportunities. Let's connect.


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